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Our mission is to find undiscovered screenwriters and provide exposure in an industry that widely does not accept unsolicited submissions. Promoting writing talent over friends and family in the right places.

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The Hollywood Genre Contests in Review section provides interviews with the winners and finalists of the Hollywood Genre series of screenwriting competitions. Get to know the undiscovered writers of tomorrow!

Screenwriting Guidelines

Confused by contradictory information on screenwriting? We believe "story is king" but it never hurts to avoid getting on a Hollywood reader's bad side. We provide some generally-accepted screenwriting guide based on real-life experiences from representation and production company readers.

The concept of a "genre film" is sometimes used as a derogatory term for films that follow genre conventions. Yet, "genre films" year after year are the widest-reaching, often career-making, cultural landmarks that drive the financial viability of the film industry -- not only in Hollywood but around the world.

In fact, the ability to convey your story, your artistic expression as a filmmaker, through the conventions of a genre -- sometimes, bending or subverting those conventions -- can result in some of the strongest films in history. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that genre films are highly commercial.

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